Keeping the Promise - Summer 2015

Monster Jam

a milestone event

Do you remember the days when Hot Wheels changed a living room into an Indy 500 fantasy or when Tonka trucks were played with on make shift dirt racetracks until you were called to supper? As a young boy’s building blocks, these hours of playful imagination turned into one man’s hobby.  It was one of the many interests he may have wanted to share with his children.  But on August 6, 2011, his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan taking his life and all of his teammates and crew.  He was part of the elite Naval Special Warfare community, a U.S. Navy SEAL. Word of Honor Fund mourns the loss of this hero who also was a son of proud parents, a devoted best friend and husband, and an amazing father.

If you had seen this young man work on his 1500 Dodge Ram pick up, visit his parents, or spend quality time with his wife and two children, then consider yourself lucky you got a glimpse. As a SEAL, he was often deployed protecting our purple mountains.

One person who knew this hero was Keith, a dear friend of the family and a close friend of the fallen.  Word of Honor Fund was able to send his oldest son, Ricky with Keith as the mentor to Monster Jam® in Hampton, VA. According to Monster Jam®, this action packed live show is the perfect sports and entertainment brand that mixes truck racing, showmanship and the ultimate fan experience into one.

Unfortunately, Ricky was under the weather that day. Though not at full throttle, he powered through and experienced an afternoon of truck car racing and revved engines with a man who was proud of him and who knew his father well.

The [Monster Jam ®] event and experience was great. I would love to do more things that I know the dad likes. I immediately saw that Ricky is looking for someone to connect with that knew his father. . I really appreciate the opportunity.

K.T., WoHF mentor

Our Mission Statement

Word of Honor Fund provides a continuum of support that facilitates milestone events for the surviving children of SEALs and Special Operations personnel who die while assigned to a select Naval Special Operations Group.

Our word is our bond and it is the purest form of trust. The most sacred of all is a father's promise to his children. Word of Honor is committed to fulfilling the intentions of our fallen heroes by ensuring his children experience life as he had planned before his sacrifice. His untimely passing challenges his promise.

Who will honor his word? We will...

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